Mar 122009

Well, I am pretty good at this game, but I was wondering if there is any cheats??? I get an average of 170 bucks, but I am just wondering….:-)

I doubt there is any, sorry! It's such an easy game to play so there probably isn't any. Just try really hard and make good decisions on it then you will be the champion in no time!

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31 Comments to “Cheats for Lemonade Stand on Cool Math for Kids?”

  1. K says:

    dont cheat !!
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  2. emma says:

    DONT CHEAT! =]
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  3. tumbleknight says:

    Really? A cheat for that easy game? That'll shock me if there's actually cheats to that
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  4. Katiee says:

    I doubt there is any, sorry! It's such an easy game to play so there probably isn't any. Just try really hard and make good decisions on it then you will be the champion in no time!
    References :

  5. Jas says:

    I need 2 know how much of each to use to make my lemonade good isuc

  6. Andrea says:

    Really? Y do people need cheats 4 that easy game?

  7. carrie t says:

    no, there is a cheat. its actually really good if you use it. you make up to like 10000. DO IT! search for cheat on this game in GOOGLE

  8. Jackie says:

    what?!?! can’t you just tell us now? i can’t find it anyways.

  9. colton says:

    the newbe is here

  10. Lauren says:

    What website is the best cheat on? I really want to knoww. Tell me soon guys!

  11. Alyson says:

    Wassup fellows? I just rlyy want to know what the best cheat for lemonade stand is!

  12. Emma says:

    you have to put the price 1.05$ then put 4 lemons 4 ice and last one 3 then play!

  13. cheatmaster says:

    Click alt+f4 and it will give you the max money. Or for unlimated items click ctrl+alt+down arrow key. For other cheats just ask. :)

  14. A good amount of concentration without any cheat can make you a champion in this game.

  15. Teresa says:

    ok i typed in lemonade cheats and I can’t find anything! usually i dont use cheats but its funny to try them=-)

  16. Marissa says:

    there is a cheat 8 lemons 8 cups of sugar 20 cents per cup and if the weather is 50-60 degrees 2 ice cubes 60-70 degrees 3-4 ice cubes 70-80 degrees 5 ice cubes 80-90 degrees 6-7 ice cubes and 90 or higher 8,9 or 10 ice cubes

  17. Shinika says:

    cheatmaster I tried your cheat and it closed down my thingy. By the way I hate cheating

  18. Shortee says:

    well im pretty for sure there isnt any but idk cuz my teacher thinks he is better then every1 else and he beats ever1 else to sooooo…..

  19. josh says:

    kk now do 5 sugar,5lemons, 0 ice,and 20cents ull make 70 dollars

  20. dana says:

    do u think the 2nd cheat is a joke?
    i knew the 1st one was but the 2nd one i didn’t know how to change it back!
    next time try not to joke around about those cheats

  21. bingo uk says:

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  25. Alex says:

    The cheat for sunny days is 5 signs,50cents,and50drinks.

  26. MathPro says:

    There is no cheat for such a simple game. It’s impossible. All the “cheats” that these helpful people gave us are just good methods on how to play the game.

  27. good good…this post deserves nothing …hahaha just joking :P …nice post :P ohhh nice info

  28. the awesomeness says:

    i am playing this cool game called rotate amd roll on cool maths games
    i am on level 14 and am having trouble!!!!!
    can anyone give me any cheats!

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