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Math Puzzles, Give Your Mind a Workout

My girls enjoy doing math puzzles because there fun and they help with their Maths. Since they started doing math puzzles, they have become more confident in doing there math homework. Math is fun now.

Math Puzzles sharpen the mind.

When was the last time you stretched the old grey matter?

One of my daughter’s favourite Math Puzzles collections was written 92 years ago, by Henry Ernest Dudeney, Amusements of Mathematics. She reckons with 430 math puzzles, there’s more than enough math brain teasers to have your brain spinning.

We managed to find an old copy of Amusements in Mathematics. Although, she loved the challenging math puzzles, she found the original layout frustrating, because she couldn’t easily find the solutions.

This became our labour of love, taking 7 months, reproducing Amusements in Mathematics. You’ll now find all the Math Puzzles cross referenced with their solutions and indexed. Not only did we have to scan every page ,

  • We also redigitised 436 pictures, to keep the old world feel
  • Created 278 tables, to make it easy follow the logic.
  • Amusements in Mathematics now stands at 567 pages
  • Stuffed fill of Logic Puzzles, Math Puzzles, Mind Puzzles and Number Puzzle which will boost your brain power.
  • You won’t suffer eye strain, because we changed the 6 point Times Roman to 12 point Verdana, so your eyes won’t explode.

My daughter wants to share, her love of Amusements in Mathematics with you. So to get your toes wet, she wants to give you Chapter 1 of Amusements in Mathematics. In this chapter you’ll find 39 Money Puzzles, which will surely test your math and logic skills.

Grab a copy Chapter 1 Amusements in Mathematics and we’re sure you’ll have hours of fun solving these math puzzles. And your mind will thank you for giving it a good workout.

We know you will enjoy these fun Math Puzzles.

Are you still there?

Silly me, My daughter sail to tell you Chaper 1 free.

What are you waiting for get Chapter 1 Money Puzzles and start Solving those math Puzzles

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